Dude. I have the greatest song ever made stuck in my head. You know the one that goes "I want you to want me, I need you to need me" Yea.. I love that song. Lol. ^^; I'm trying to get a website together. I need a better paint thingy so I can make a good layout and stuff.. e.e; I also need to get all that HTML stuffed in my head. There's some great websites out there I'd love to show you all. Heh. I'll get the links up soon.. ^^ Hopefully. Lol.

Okay, here it goes. A lot of people have been making me mad lately. Mostly Moose and Cleo. But, I was talking to Chloe and she seems pissed too and erm.. not takeing it out on others. I have that horrible habit of doing that so.. I'm trying to be like her and control my anger and not to.. yell at everyone? Yea. That's it. Okay. There's my goal for today. I think I'm doing good so far, right? Lol. Okay. I want to call Katie but.. I'm not sure if today would be good. Her brother ran away the other day for some reason and he took a big knife with him. He said he'd cut his wrists if his dad called the police. The police found him later but he didn't cut his wrists. Okay. Yea. He can be mean and stuff to Katie but still.. If he's going to be doing that I will get concerned. So I'll wait a couple days. Maybe Katie will come on and tell me everything is okay. I hope she will. I feel bad. Dirty. Well that's all..


Grr... this thing is starting to confuse me. I better go find Laura. Heh. ^^;;
Eh... *testing* ...